Ontario PC Govt Finance Minister Vic Fidele 2017 Comments on Money Laundering and Crime and Casinos

Timeline of BC Casino and Organized Crime Money Laundering Inquiries.

Oct 2017. Post Media journalist Sam Cooper authors news series on crime and BC casinos.

Oct 2017 . Vic Fedeli,Opposition Finance critic PC Party, says…
There is a storm cloud hanging over this bad deal. Internal government documents have revealed suspicions of terrorist financing, while organized crime allegedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars in hockey bags full of cash through the BC casino,” charged PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli. “And what has the Kathleen Wynne government done? They’ve given the casino operator a lucrative new deal in Toronto.”

“We’re calling for this deal to be halted immediately, pending the results of the investigation.”

June 2018 . Former RCMP Peter German releases report on his Inquiry into Casinos and Crime. BC Attorney General announced sweeping changes to gaming industry.

Jan 2019 City of Vancouver and BC Govt. Employees demand full Public Inquiry

May 2019 BC Premier John Horgan announces wide exhaustive Public Inquiry .





The stink ain’t from the fishing !!

A handful of fisherman returned from an extended fishing vacation. Stuffed from nothing but fish, fish and more fish.

There’s nothing like haddock straight out of the ocean and into the pan. Not even pickerel, which we chase when we’re here in Ontario, incessantly.

So, now that we have landed back in Sudbury, any remaining odours should have been scrubbed clean. Multiple showers and extended-clean cycles on our washing machines have not made the stink go away. Still stinks like fish around here.

And then we all started catching up on the news. Trump, Ford, hurricanes, weed, election. It wasn’t till we all got together to sort through our gear that we all had the light bulb moment. It wasn’t us, or our clothes, or our vehicles or our gear that had picked up the rotten smell . It was the stench that clings to some of the candidates that are running in the election. And so we fired up the old website. And we’re bitching. A handful of friends, grew up in Sudbury , West End and Donovan, that have made a hobby of of being amazed but bewildered by things that happen in this City of Sudbury.

Just putting our thoughts out there about how we see things. Because we’ve all been around, heard a lifetime of BS from politicians. And we’re amazed again with how rotten some of the candidates smell. Its dump smell bad on some of them. Biggar, Melanson, Crowder !! You stink.

And we don’t intend to get into hissy fit/pissing contests if we say something you don’t like. If you want or need an online bitchfest, send your comments to Crowder-he seems to get off on that. We probably aren’t going to reply to your comments, good or bad. On this website nor at saveoursudbury on FB.

And the lingering issue, with the foul odour that has hung in the air for the past year or so, and looks like it will fester and haunt us for the foreseeable future, or much longer—THE KINGSWAY ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT!!!!!. Caps lock probably doesn’t do justice to the magnificently, magnificent magnificence of the magnificent vision of Zulich, Dellelce and their adopted lovechild Kirwan.

Before you jump to their defence and claim that personal attacks aren’t necessary, first let us fully disclose. We all have known the Vision parents since high school. Couple went to school with them, few knew them through sports. Few grew up in the same neighbourhood. No one really knows the lovechild Kirwan, thank god for that. And its not a personal attack when we have a laugh about Dario’s “branded” style. If he feels wearing a white blouse and jeans is going to benefit his “brand” or his hockey team or his business interests, then go for it. But we are going to enjoy having a laugh about that. We are undecided about what footwear might best compliment his outfit. One of us thinks Kiss Destroyer era platform boats would help him really stand out. I think maybe a white cowboy boot, with jeans tucked in, would be the perfect match to his brilliant white blouse. Maybe if you have your own idea, let him know. Don’t get us started about the uniforms for the Sudbury Five. When we’re fishing, and the lines are set, we all have our phones and compete to photoshop pics of random things. The day we were all imagining what the uniforms of the “Sudbury Five Americans on the Floor with Five American Reserves on the Bench and Two Canadians at the Very End of the Bench” was priceless. I’ll see if anyone saved those images and we”ll share them. Funny, Funny. Funny

Its also fair game to question their business chops. Dario was born to successful, hard working, intelligent parents. That built a successful business. And from those who know the family best, it was his mother that was the brains behind their success. And they deserve their success, and from all reports, they are good, decent humble people. I personally never met them. A couple of the fishing crew have. Good, good people. Sudbury is better because of them.

Our issue is with Dario’s business acumen. He borrowed from his parents to buy the Wolves. He married into the TESC company. He owned a coffee shop in the best retail location in Sudbury and it failed. A coffee shop ! In the New Sudbury Shopping Center ! In Sudbury, the coffee drinking capital of the world !! And it had to close !!!! Does that not make you wonder ???

Perry on the other hand, you can not doubt his business smarts. Extremely successful financially at a level that most of us cannot imagine. You really cannot imagine. Built and runs a successful MA company . A guy that knows business, dollars and cents, knows how to manage business and people. Contributes to his hometown. Raises money for charities. Was and maybe still is the head of the Canadian Olympic Committee !!! Is on numerous corporate and charitable boards. I’d say a pretty solid citizen. The best doors open and crowds part when Perry goes out in TO. That’s not BS. But the best, best thing about Perry is he has never ever lost his humility. Still one of the boys. Some of us see him more than others but its all the same. When I have, same guy, no attitude , no arrogance, still knows how to swear when appropriate. But still doesn’t know how to drink.

Perry could probably pay for the new venue with the spare change he has tucked under his mattress. He’ll probably be pissed that we are pointing out the level of his success. But if he wants to tack !00 million dollars in debt to the City I live in, then he can’t just hide in the weeds. Full disclosure is a pretty standard rule.

And that’s what we are really pissed about. That we are about to undertake a project that is going to increase all our tax bills. When the infrastructure of the City is crumbling all around us !!!!         We are all really good at burying our heads in the sand when issues pop up that we want to avoid. If u live in Sudbury and drive a car, ride in a car, take the bus, pedal a bike…you may have noticed the condition of our roads. They are part of the infrastructure and just the most noticeable part. Sewer and water too. Old and aging and needs replacing. The logic of building an extravagant new arena, casino and the often mentioned , never firmly committed to, and probably never gonna happen mirage that is a hotel, escapes us. Like paying too much money for a new inground swimming pool while the roof of the house leaks, the foundation cracks and the mold from the grow op consumes the walls.

And then we decide to build beside the dump ! For fuck’s sake !

Taylor Swift and Drake coming to Sudbury. not

The unfortunate thing that some in Sudbury believe, is that a new arena, ( with a smaller capacity than previously existed at the arena downtown) is going to bring bigger, popular acts to Sudbury. It used to be that bands toured to promote an album. It was not a money making venture. It was to drive album sales…album sales were the bulk of their earnings. In today’s world, touring is the bulk of a bands income. And a popular band will not come to play an arena with 4 or 5 or 6 thousand seats when they can easily bounce from 10,000- 15,000 capacity venues.
Get used to it, you’ll still need to head to TO to see A list bands. In Sudbury , all we’ll see is B listers and artists on the backside of their careers.

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