Bob Kirwan, mafia, casinos and organized crime.

  1. Screenshot_20190610-023030~2Bob has yet to reply to repeated phone calls and messages that I have left to clarify what he meant by his comment  “Even the Mafia bosses went to church on Sunday ” See our conversation in the post below. It is more than concerning that a City Counselor would use a phrase like this. Is he acknowledging that we have to accept organized crime with the arrival of a casino?? Is he completely unaware of the problems casinos bring ?? Or pretending to not be aware, even as BC has discovered and is investigating organized crime in casinos  ?? With the help of the federal government ! Or is he just revealing  his ignorance and naivete ? Or his complicity ?? He has been Perry Delellce’s and Dario Zulich’s primary salesman at City Hall. Since BEFORE day 1. What has he received from them ? What will it cost the City of Sudbury ??

Contact your federal and provincial representatives and DEMAND answers. Before it’s too late.

Trudeau has promised to clean up organized crime in casinos. And he  needs your vote. So let him work for it.

Kirwan is apologizing for the mafia. A little bit of work and you can get rid of him. Call and email your MP and MPP. Cause its really starting to stink in Sudbury.

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